New…. Body Basic Circuits at Curves

“I absolutely love it. It has been a wonderful addition to an already great program.”"

Are you Armed and Ready? Do you want Stronger Legs and a Killer Core? The New Body Basic Circuits at Curves could be just for you!

The New Body Basic Circuit has been introduced to Curves and is already getting our members talking.


Deb says I love body basics! It’s a great way to shake things up and not get too settled into the same routine day in/day out – I’m very impressed with the new ideas.”

I absolutely love it. It has been a wonderful addition to an already great program says Cath. 

Julie from QLD says The new body basics classes are a breath of fresh air for those of us who are long time Curves members …. the extra focus on toning the arms and legs is great and burns more calories too …. and strengthening the core is an asset especially as we get a little older.


Curves Body Basic Circuits were introduced to help get members increased RESULTS, and motivate them to continue working out at Curves with more variety. It is a 30 minute session lead by a Curves Circuit Coach from the center of the circuit showing members a set of moves to be done at the recovery station. The Body Basic Circuit has a different look and feel to the regular circuit, but don’t worry the circuit coaches will continue to ensure members use the equipment correctly for 30 seconds on each machine to get the very best out of the Curves Workout.

Movements are completed using body weight and will concentrate on upper, middle, or lower body. Movements are kept simple but have multiple levels of difficulty so ALL Curves members can enjoy and benefit from the Circuits.

The Body Basic Circuits consist of 3 themed Circuits; Armed and Ready, Stronger Legs, and Killer Core held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9am and 5pm. Be sure to speak to your Curves Coach for your clubs Body Basics Timetable.

So it’s time to get your Gym clothes on and get into your local Curves and enjoy the latest innovation from Curves, The Body Basic Circuits!

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